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Passion meets over 20 years of experience

With more than 20 years experience in the wine, spirit and beverage industry, we have an excellent network. We provide several options to our partners and clients. Such as to create and develop our own beverage brands with us. We support and manage everything for you from A to Z. Even to market your brand in several countries. We contact you with possible distribution companies. Or use our expertise to get in charge with manufactures around the world. LUXBEV also provides products & brands to global distribution companies as a trader.


In short: You don’t need any experience, because we have.

Launching a drink requires a combination of experience and dedication. You will benefit from our experience in the beverage industry, particularly in roles related to product development, supply chain management, consulting and market research.

It usually takes 2 – 6 months to develop a drink. It takes another 3 – 4 months until the first bottling and the sales start.

Basically yes. But tastes and market conditions differ from country to country. In addition to an exact recipe, you also need to know your target group and competitors to adjust pricing, design ,and marketing accordingly. Therefore, we do not only help you with beverage development but also with market analysis and connect you with the right suppliers and producers.

Thanks to our multiple years of international experience in combination with apposite market research, we will help you to open up new markets.

The legal requirements for beverages vary depending on the country and region where the product is being manufactured and sold. However, some prevalent legal requirements for beverages including:

  1. Food safety regulations: All beverages must meet food safety standards to ensure the product is safe for consumption.
  2. Labeling regulations: Beverages must include accurate labeling that complies with country-specific regulations around ingredient disclosure, nutritional information, and allergy warnings.
  3. Production requirements: Beverages must be produced in accordance with applicable regulations.
  4. Alcohol content regulations: If the beverage contains alcohol, it must meet regulations around alcohol content and age restrictions for purchase.
  5. Environmental regulations: Beverage manufacturers must comply with regulations around waste disposal, emissions, and other environmental concerns.

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